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Rikki Fleisher’s legacy inspires her family to create a special fund at PJC

June 25, 2014:  In life, Rikki Fleisher was one of our beloved – and more vocal – supporters.
She would send “way to go!” notes after reading of a PJC victory. She went out of her way to thank our staff for doing good work when we saw her at events. She encouraged her friends to support our work. Many did. 
Rikki knew a thing or two about justice. A respected civil rights lawyer, Rikki was the former general counsel to the Maryland Commission on Human Relations and an Assistant Attorney General. She made extensive contributions to Maryland law. 
Rikki passed away in 2012. We felt honored when her friends and family contributed gifts in memory of her fierce passion for justice. Then, Rikki surprised us one more time with a gift she had set aside for us in her will. “Yes!” she seemed to say to us. “I expect you to continue to keep up the good fight!” 
The story does not end there. Recently, Rikki’s grown children, Paula and Julian, decided to further honor their beloved mother’s legacy and her passion for building a just society. They created the Rikki Fleisher Fund for Professional Development at the PJC to honor and further this organization’s commitment to developing exceptional staff. Their investment will afford our staff opportunities to participate in transformative professional development experiences  that are otherwise outside our reach. The Fund’s first use was to send a team of three PJC attorneys for intensive training at the Racial Justice Training Institute, organized by the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law. We know this will directly benefit our clients and our mission. 
Paula and Julian planted the seed for the fund with their own generous gifts. They are inviting family, friends and PJC supporters to join them to grow the Fund.
We are awed by their generosity and are delighted to feel like this exceptional friend -- and now her family -- continue to cheer us on. 

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