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New online resource for all things civil right to counsel

August 26, 2014: The National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel (NCCRC) has released its completely redesigned and long-anticipated new website:

The site, which took over a year to develop, is intended to be a master repository of everything related to a right to counsel in civil cases involving basic human needs. It contains a number of exciting features, including:
• An interactive map of which states have had recent right to counsel activity, the status of the right to counsel across the states for a variety of subject areas, and the places where the NCCRC’s work has had the biggest impact; 
• A searchable bibliography containing every law review article, study, report, media story, model act, key legislation, and other resource relating to the right to counsel in civil cases;
• A multimedia library of key oral arguments, debates/panels, public hearings, and speeches related to civil right to counsel;
• An RSS-based news feed of the most up-to-date developments.
We’re interested in hearing your feedback on the site, so if you have any thoughts, please email us at info@civilrighttocounsel.org. Also, if your organization maintains any web content related to the right to counsel in civil cases, we’d love to link to it if we’re not already doing so. And we’d of course love for you to link to us, as well as follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Thank you!
The National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel is an association of individuals and organizations committed to ensuring meaningful access to the courts for all. Our mission is to encourage, support and coordinate advocacy to expand recognition and implementation of a right to counsel in civil cases. The Public Justice Center facilitates the Coalition.

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