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How you can address gaps in health care coverage

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November 4, 2014:  At October’s Justice for Breakfast, we discussed the “Medicare cliff” facing people when they transition from Medicaid to Medicare. As people become eligible for Medicare due to age or disability, they may lose their eligibility for Medicaid or premium subsidies and suddenly face a slew of costs. They also lose access to certain treatments and services. Wading through the complexity of these health care programs gets wonky pretty fast, so the Public Justice Center is striving to highlight in our advocacy the real human impact of these gaps in health coverage. That’s where you can help! We’re collecting the stories of people who have been affected by these problems. Maybe you have a family member who is on Medicare and can’t access needed services. Maybe you have a client who was on Medicaid, became eligible for Medicare, and then lost Medicaid and some of the care that came with it. Maybe you’re facing these challenges yourself. You can send stories to the PJC’s Camilla Roberson at robersonc@publicjustice.org. Thanks for your help!

These are the kinds of stories that would be helpful:

  • Stories from people who were on Medicaid, became eligible for Medicare and lost Medicaid, and the effect that has had on ability to access care and services
  • Stories from people transitioning from Medicaid to Medicare and the difficulties they are facing
  • Stories from people who are Medicare beneficiaries and unable to access needed services (like long term services and supports, substance use disorder treatment, certain mental health services, etc.) for whatever reason (not covered, out of pocket expenses too high)
  • Stories from people who are spending down all their assets/income because they do not qualify for Medicaid
  • Stories from providers who are trying to help their clients get the services they need, or facing other problems such as cut-off of funding, delays, billing difficulties, incorrect information, etc. due to Medicaid/Medicare misalignment or inefficiencies
  • Stories from providers about their clients facing the situations above

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