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Half way through the 2010 Session of the Maryland General Assembly, the PJC is seeing progress on bills that affect low-income Marylanders:

  • TENANTS IN FORECLOSURE. SB 654 / HB 711 are PJC’s proposed bills to conform Maryland law to new federal law that gives tenants at least 90 days notice from before they can be evicted by a new buyer at a foreclosure sale. Hearings have been completed in the Senate and House. PJC Attorney Matt Hill and client Judy Curtis were featured on TV news while testifying before the House Environment Matters Committee
  • HB 427 BITES THE DUST. PJC Attorney Wendy Hess and the ACLU led the charge to defeat HB 427, a bill that would have exempted inmates in jails and prisons from their right to make public information. The bill was defeated in the committee.
  • WORKERS’ RIGHTS BILLS MOVING FORWARD. PJC Attorney Sally Dworak-Fisher has been extremely active this Session, advocating for bills that expand and modernize unemployment insurance, enhance enforcement of wage payment laws, and prohibit using credit scores for most job applicants, and opposing bills that would exempt certain employers from paying unemployment insurance.
  • TENANT UNFRIENDLY BILLS ARE KILLED IN COMMITTEE. The PJC testified against bills that would have allowed landlords to pay tenants less interest on tenants’ security deposits, and would have allowed landlords to mandate tenant renters insurance. These bills were killed in committee.
  • LEGAL SERVICES FUNDING BILL PASSES SENATE. HB 106 / SB 248 would increase funding for Maryland legal services programs, including the PJC, by adding surcharges to court filing fees. The Senate has now passed a bill, and it is under consideration in the House.

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