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2009 Legislative Report

The Public Justice Center's 2009 Legislative Report

Every year, Maryland's General Assembly meets for 90 days in Annapolis, where lobbyists and clients jockey for the favor of State law or protection from it.  Often not heard in this clash of powerful interest groups are the voices of those who are affected by the law, and in particular, low-income people.

That is why the Public Justice Center engages in legislative advocacy every year in Annapolis.  Our mission of law reform cannot be accomplished without confronting the laws and lawmakers in Annapolis.  Protecting Maryland's health insurance plan for poor people, representing children and families, speaking up for tenants who are being evicted when their landlord is foreclosed, and for workers and immigrants seeking fair pay, are among our constituents.  We seek to remind legislators that our clients are their constituents as well.

Click here to read the full report of the Public Justice Center's legislative work during the 2009 General Assembly Session.

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