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Laurie Norris, PJC Attorney, Presents at the National Oral Health Conference in Portland, Oregon

The American Board of Public Health Dentistry (ABPHD) invited Laurie Norris to address two "plenary" audiences of more than 700 attendees at the National Oral Health Conference in Portland, Oregon.

On April 20, 2009, Laurie and Maryland's Director of the Office of Oral Health, Dr. Harry Goodman, presented Maryland Dental Action Committee: The Quintesessential Partnership. On Tuesday, April 21, Laurie was one of the panelist considering Social Responsibility Versus Personal Responsbility: Is This The Paradigm of Progress?  Laurie's presentation was entitled The Deamonte Driver Story: The Tragic Consequences When Delivery System Failure Collides with Low Expectations.

After the presentations, Laurie was approached by the head of a dental clinic in Michigan.  She informed Laurie that her dental clinic had received an anonymous donation of $1 million soon after Deamonte's story appeared in the Washington Post.  The donor specifically said his donation was spurred by the story, and it was to be used to create an endowment to employ dentists to work at the clinic so no person in that town would meet Deamonte's fate.  The clinic director said she has been able to triple her services as a result of the gift.

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