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Dental Access for Children Nationally and Locally

February 2, 2009: We were excited to learn that one of the PJC's key issues is also high on the list of priorities for the new Obama administration.  Just three days after the inauguration, CMS, the federal agency that governs Medicaid, announced that it will hold a Town Hall Forum on April 6, 2009, in Baltimore on Access to Dental Care for Medicaid-Eligible Children.  The goal is to identify policy changes that can improve access to dental care for low-income children across the nation.
We are heartened that, in the wake of the tragic death of Deamonte Driver, our efforts to bring this issue to the attention of national leaders are yielding positive results.  The PJC plans to participate in the forum, and we will report back to you after its conclusion.
Our efforts have been delivering results at the State level as well. On January 18, 2009, the Dental Action Committee, on which PJC serves, submitted its Interim Report to DHMH Secretary John Colmers, outlining the results achieved so far and further needs.  Then, on January 28, 2009, Secretary Colmers announced that a three-year contract has been awarded to Doral Dental to establish a single statewide dental vendor.  This was a core recommendation of the Dental Action Committee.  The simplified delivery system will encourage more dentists to participate (higher rates, less paperwork), and more parents to take their children to the dentist (one place to call to find a dentist in the neighborhood, easier to get an appointment).

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