Workplace Giving Campaigns

The Public Justice Center combines traditional civil legal services with systemic legal advocacy to change the practices and policies that keep people in poverty. It’s Access to Justice 2.0: not simply providing lawyers to meet individual needs but also using the tools in the lawyer toolbox to address the challenges faced by many in our communities.

By investing in the Public Justice Center through your workplace giving campaign, you invest in widespread change that enables people to earn enough to feed their families, have stable, affordable homes, and access quality health care and education.

Make a gift through the following campaigns by using the PJC's designation number.

United Way of Central Maryland Campaign: 6393
Includes Baltimore City government employees and the private sector.

Maryland Charity Campaign: 521412226

Combined Federal Campaign: 40003
CFC National Capital Area
CFC Chesapeake Bay Area

If you are a federal employee, and you aren't sure which campaign you should donate through, please see here.