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Housing and COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions & Concerns

Can the landlord evict me from my home during the COVID-19 crisis?

Can the landlord charge late fees or increase the rent during COVID-19?

What if I can’t pay my rent next month due to COVID-19?

What if my landlord changes the locks or evicts me?

What if I have dangerous conditions of disrepair in my home?

I live in subsidized housing and I have to recertify my income or report a change in income. What should I do?

Should my landlord be doing anything to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

If my landlord is limiting visitors, can people who help me come to my house?

Are fair housing and civil rights laws still in effect during the emergency?

Are you a tenant facing an eviction case in Baltimore City but cannot attend trial for a COVID-19-related reason?