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We pursue systemic change for social justice, economic and race equity, and fundamental human rights.

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Worried about your home or job during the coronavirus pandemic?

COVID-19 has shaken the lives of Marylanders in many ways. Check out answers to frequently asked questions about workers' and tenants' rights.

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Victory: Immigration judges must provide interpreters in asylum application process

Court sends strong message that providing an interpreter to people with limited English proficiency is essential to ensuring asylum applicants receive due process.

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Video- The Right to Counsel for Tenants: A Growing Movement

Justice for Breakfast discussion - September 2021. Presentation by Maria Roumiantseva, Associate Coordinator, National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel

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Governor’s legal bill in unemployment benefits case exposes imbalance between who can afford justice and who cannot

In this op-ed, PJC attorney Sally Dworak-Fisher and Legal Director Debra Gardner call for Maryland to adopt a fee-shifting statute to level the playing field and help ensure justice isn't…

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