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Workers’ Rights

Frequently Asked Questions & Concerns

My employer says I’m not owed overtime. Should I have been paid overtime?

What is the current minimum wage?

Do I have the right to minimum wage and overtime if I receive a weekly salary?

I’m owed money from work I did a few years ago. Can I still bring a claim?

My employer says I’m an independent contractor. Why does this matter?

I work at multiple worksites during my shift. Should I be paid for travel time between sites?

If I work for tips, can my employer pay me less than the minimum wage?

Does my immigration status affect my right to be paid correctly?

I want to claim my unpaid wages, but I’m afraid my employer will retaliate against me. What are my rights? Am I protected? Should I come forward?

My co-workers and I want to complain about conditions at work, but we’re worried about how our employer will react.