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Student Homelessness and Foster Care

Frequently Asked Questions & Concerns

I don’t have stable housing. I’ve been crashing with relatives and in and out of shelters. Does my child have to change schools every time we move?

I fled a domestic violence situation, and I’m staying in a hotel. I don’t have my child’s birth certificate, school records, or immunization list. How do I enroll my child in a new school?

I’m 17 and staying with a friend. I don’t really have a consistent relationship with my parents anymore. Do I need to bring my parents or a legal guardian to enroll in school or to school meetings?

My child and I are homeless, and we have been waiting for over a week for a school bus. Is there anything we can do?

The school thinks my family isn’t homeless and won’t enroll my child or give her services. What do we do about the disagreement?

Resources for Parents