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Public Justice Center Client or Applicant Complaint Procedure

Effective October 1, 2011

This explains your right to file a complaint with the Public Justice Center (PJC) if we did not provide you with the legal services you requested, or if you have a complaint about the legal services you received.

Types of Complaints

You may make a complaint if the PJC did not provide you with the legal services you requested. However, please understand that you do not have a right to be provided legal services by the PJC. The PJC may decide to provide advice, referral, limited assistance, or may agree to represent you as a client. Factors the PJC considers in providing any level of legal services include the nature of the client’s legal problem, and the availability of staff and other PJC resources. You are entitled to be treated with courtesy and respect by all PJC staff, regardless of whether or not we can provide you legal services.

You may also make a complaint about the legal services that were provided to you by the PJC.

Procedure for making a complaint

You may make a written or verbal complaint to the Executive Director of the PJC by:


Executive Director
Public Justice Center
1 N Charles St Ste. 200
Baltimore MD 21201

Please contact our Executive Director as soon as possible, but no later than 60 days after the decision or incident. When you leave a message or write to the Director, please be sure to include your name and all information on how to contact you and a description of your complaint.
The Director will investigate and respond within a timely manner, but no later than 60 days. The Director’s decision on denials of service will be final.

Procedure to appeal complaints about legal services received

This appeal procedure applies only to complaints concerning legal services that you received from the PJC. If you are not satisfied with the Director’s decision, you may appeal to the President of the PJC’s Board of Directors. You must send this letter within 30 days of the Director’s decision. Send the letter to:

Board of Directors
Public Justice Center
1 N Charles St Ste 200
Baltimore MD 21201

If you cannot send a letter to the Board, please tell the Director. The Director will forward our record on your complaint to the Board.

The President or designated Board members will investigate and respond in a timely manner, but no later than 90 days. This decision will be final.

You may have other remedies besides this complaint procedure. If you need more information, you should contact an attorney.