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We pursue systemic change for social justice, economic and race equity, and fundamental human rights.

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Worried about your home, health, or job during the coronavirus pandemic?

COVID-19 has shaken the lives of Marylanders in many ways. Check out answers to frequently asked questions about workers' and tenants' rights.

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Maryland will be 6th state in U.S. to cover doula Medicaid reimbursement

Mothers will soon have greater access to critical support as they welcome a new child, with Maryland set to become the sixth state to provide Medicaid reimbursement for doula care.…

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Advocates urge MD District Court to revise plan that relies on landlord honor system at expiration of CDC eviction order on June 30

With 147,000 renter households in Maryland now facing eviction for non-payment of rent – an increase of over 25,000 families from census data six weeks prior – the CDC’s Eviction…

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Lawyers' Alliance Happy Hour

Meet a group of attorneys driven to end injustice, and learn how you can build your skills as a volunteer leader while advocating and fundraising for the Public Justice Center…

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Watch video on the fight to eliminate Hepatitis C among Maryland Medicaid beneficiaries

Listen in to learn about Hepatitis C in Maryland, our advocacy in coalition with other advocates to expand access to Hepatitis C treatment in Medicaid, and the work that remains…

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