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Oppose HB 613: Cops don’t make schools safe!

March 10, 2022

House Bill 613 aims to double mandatory state funding for school policing from $10 million to $20 million per year. Yet, the data shows that the school policing model increases arrests of students for childhood behaviors and undermines equity, while failing to yield safety improvements. Urge members of the House of Delegates Appropriations Committee to oppose the bill. Contact information is below.

Maryland’s State Department of Education reports that:

Meanwhile, police presence fails to deter school shootings or otherwise make schools safer and are, in fact, linked to an increase in casualties resulting from school shootings. Studies demonstrate that school police have not been effective in deterring school shootings or any other kind of school violence.

Expanding the state SRO fund will make schools less safe, not more, by subjecting students – particularly Black students and students with disabilities – to harsh criminal consequences for adolescent behaviors while doing nothing to prevent school shootings or any other school-based violence.

Please urge members of the House Appropriations committee to vote no on HB 613. If you send an email, be sure to include your address to confirm that you are a constituent. Don’t know your representatives? Check to find out.

House Appropriations Committee Members
All Delegates can be reached at 1-800-492-7122 with their extension.

Maggie McIntosh,, ext. 3407
Mark S. Chang,, ext. 3511
Gabriel Acevero,, ext. 3001
Benjamin (Ben) S. Barnes,, ext. 3046
Wendell R. Beitzel,, ext. 3435
D. Anonio (Tony) Bridges,, ext. 3283
Catherine M. Forbes,, ext. 3487
Jefferson L. Ghrist,, ext. 3555
Shaneka T. Henson,, ext. 3045
Trent M. Kittleman,, ext. 3556
Marc A. Korman,, ext. 3649
Carol L. Krimm,, ext. 3472
Jazz M. Lewis,, ext. 3691
Nino Mangione,, ext. 3258
Michael W. McKay,, ext. 3321
Richard (Ric) W. Metzgar,, ext. 3332
Reid J. Novotny,, ext. 3582
Elizabeth (Susie) G. Proctor,, ext. 3083
Kirill Reznik,, ext. 3039
Stephanie M. Smith,, ext. 3486
Jared Solomon,, ext. 3130
Geraldine Valentino-Smith,, ext. 3101
Patrick G. Young, Jr.,, ext. 3544