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Override the Ban the Box veto

Call your legislators to urge them to vote green in support of #SecondChances

Update: The Maryland General Assembly voted to override the veto!

We’re sharing this alert from our friends at Job Opportunities Task Force.

This morning, January 30, 2020, the Maryland General Assembly will vote to override Governor Hogan’s veto of Senate Bill 839 / House Bill 994. The legislation expands current state law that prohibits employers with 15 or more full-time employees from requiring the prospective employee to disclose criminal record information prior to the first in-person interview.

Individuals with a criminal record need to be able to work and earn money just like everyone else. Yet many people with a criminal background apply for jobs for which they are well-qualified but do not have their job applications even considered because of their past.

Senate Bill 839 / House Bill 994 seeks to address this issue. The bills seek to prohibit private employers from questioning an individual about his or her criminal record or conducting a background check until during or after the first in-person interview, similar to a reference check or resume verification. Removing these questions from the initial job application and limiting it during the interview process allows applicants to be judged by their current skills, work history, and other related attributes.

Today, the Maryland General Assembly will vote to override the Governor’s Veto, and legislators need to hear from YOU.

We urge you to call your legislator and urge them to VOTE GREEN on Senate Bill 839 / House Bill 994!

With this override vote, we can make Maryland a more prosperous state, and ensure that all citizens of our state have a fair shake at finding employment.

Don’t know who your legislators are? Click here to look them up using your physical street address.