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Strengthening unemployment insurance in Maryland

Policy and practice changes to expect following the settlement of Gorres, et al. v. Robinson

January 17, 2023

On December 7, 2022, a settlement was approved in Gorres v. Robinson, a lawsuit which alleged and sought to address system-wide failures in Maryland’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) system. The settlement strengthens the UI system so that it can better serve unemployed workers in the state.* Please see below for a webinar about the settlement. If you are experiencing problems with UI in Maryland that may reflect a violation of the settlement, please complete the Google Form on this webpage to help us monitor compliance.

*There was no finding of liability by a court in this case.

Note that we cannot provide direct legal representation in UI cases. Below are three places you can contact if you need legal representation in a UI case.

PowerPoint presentation from the webinar below

Press coverage

“Maryland labor department settles lawsuit over unemployment payments, agrees to make changes”, Baltimore Banner

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