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The Public Justice Center has a new look!

Building a Just Society: Our New Brand

Strategic. Effective. Changemaker. These words evoke the character and mission of the Public Justice Center and are at the heart of our new brand, one that reflects our long-term commitment to pursuing systemic change to build a just society.

Our new brand – including a new logo and a new website – is a visual representation of our values:

We believe everyone’s rights are worth fighting for. We use legal tools to fight for economic justice, upend oppressive structures and systems, and address racial inequities.

The visual elements of our new brand signify the bold, active role the Public Justice Center plays in building a just society – as a tireless advocate, collaborator, and coalition-builder. Our new brand is a visual commitment to progress, inspires confidence and trustworthiness, and emphasizes our leadership and expertise in our drive to build a just society.

Thank You!

Thank you to the many people who provided input over the last two years on how the Public Justice Center is pursuing systemic change – and how to portray the impact of our work visually. Thank you as well to Bill Geenen for designing our new look and Pulse Forward for creating our new website.