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Urge the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee to vote on #MDHousingJustice today

March 17, 2022

In Annapolis, the General Assembly is fast approaching Crossover Day (the day by which bills must cross over from one chamber to the other), which means renters and advocates for stable housing are running out of time for key #MDHousingJustice bills to move forward!

Please help us get our priority bills on the vote list in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee TODAY or tomorrow at the very latest. Here’s what you can do:

1. #HousingVotesNow Twitterstorm today: The goal here is to have everyone retweet one another. Find messages to amplify under the hashtags #HousingVotesNow and #MDHousingJustice. You can find messages on our partner’s Twitter @rentersuniteMD, too. And here’s a sample tweet:

Time’s running out! #HousingVotesNow!
@MDSenate @SenBillFerg @Willcsmithjr can keep people housed by passing:
SB384 – Let rental assistance work
SB564 – Provide time for ppl to utilize in-court services
SB563 – Stop enabling illegally operating landlords

I am urging @Willcsmithjr to schedule #HousingVotesNOW (SB384 – SB564 – SB563) because ________. Time is running out! @SenBillFerg @jwaldstreicher @shellyhettleman @SenatorSusanLee @CharlesSydnor3d @RonForMaryland #MDPolitics

2. Call Judicial Proceedings Chair, Senator Will Smith, at 410-841-3634 or 301-858-3634 and say:
I’m calling (if he is your senator, please say you’re a constituent) to urge Chair Smith to put SB384, SB564, and SB563 on the vote list today. Time is running out and families are being evicted every day. We need the chair to prioritize passing these bills as soon as possible.

3. Sign-on and pass on Renters United Maryland’s action alert: